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Stocks Revive, US Dollar Declines as China Reopens

Stocks in Asia and US futures went up and seem to be recovering losses today, Monday, after China’s fewer Covid-19 cases prompted the easing of the local lockdowns. China is slowly getting back to normal with Shanghai planning to open on June 1, after a two-month lockdown, while in Beijing
China Data Fall Short

Stocks & Oil Down as China Data Fall Short

Asian stock markets fell, and oil prices dropped after the release of China’s disappointing economic data exposed how much lockdowns have harmed the world’s second largest economy. China’s April retail sales slid 11.1% on the year. Industrial output fell 2.9% in contrast to analysts’ expectations of an increase. The figures
blog bitcoin dives below 20 7 21

Bitcoin Dives Below 30K, Major Indices & Oils Fall

The consensus of economic analysts, inflation, rising Covid-19 outbreaks, and exorbitant consumer price figures seem to point to the start of a possible economic slowdown. As a result, falls in oil, bitcoin, indices, and 10-year US Treasury bonds have been triggered. June’s inflation figure came in at 5.4%, the highest
blog oil drops to 19.7.21

Oil Drops to $70 and BTC below 31K

Today, a new trading week starts with a few releases and economic events. However, over the weekend there have been some noteworthy developments in the global markets. On Friday, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were down 0.8%, the Euro Stoxx 50 also experienced declines and was down 0.6% on Friday.
Moderna to enter the S&p 500

Oil Maintains Losses, Moderna to Enter the S&P 500

Today marks the end of a trading week with fluctuation in indices, metals, and forex, but the biggest loser of the week has been oil. The black gold has continued its losing streak for the third consecutive day, reaching March 2021 levels. According to Reuters, the main reason for this
Higher than expected inflation

Higher than Expected Inflation: Gold Steady, Oil Falls

Yesterday, the US Labor Department released Consumer Price Index (CPI) data that reflected a 0.9% increase in inflation compared to the previous month. The data exceeded expectations again and returned to August 2008 figures. Also, a lot of analysts find similarities with the inflationary period of the 1970s. The inflation
blog gold rises ahead 13.7.21

Gold Rises Ahead of Inflation Data

During Tuesday morning’s Asian session some U.S. indices were trading higher while awaiting the U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) data scheduled for release today. The data will give more clues on inflation and consequently on the direction the Federal Reserve will take in its monetary policy. Yesterday, the S&P 500
blog market at a glance 9 7 21

Markets at a Glance: Bitcoin, Oil, and Other Assets

Today marks the end of a trading week in the stock markets. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq fell from record highs set a few days ago. The dollar rose slightly, and the 10-year US Treasuries were down around 1.32% after their worst declines since June 2021. 30-year US Treasuries
blog fed keeps silent 8 7 21

Fed Keeps Silent on Inflation, ECB Changes Inflation Rates

Yesterday, the minutes of the June meeting of the Federal Reserve (Fed) was made public. The FOMC reveal divided views among Fed members leaving some of them concerned about the latest inflation data. Meanwhile, others believe that it may still be a temporary period as the economy recovers from the