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Leverage & Margin at a Glance.

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wdt_ID Instrument Min. Price Fluctuation Value of 1 Lot Pip Value per 1 Lot Max. Leverage
1 AUDCAD 0.00001 100000 10CAD 1:3000
2 AUDCHF 0.00001 100000 10CHF 1:3000
3 AUDJPY 0.001 100000 1000JPY 1:3000
4 AUDNZD 0.00001 100000 10NZD 1:3000
5 AUDUSD 0.00001 100000 10USD 1:3000
6 CADCHF 0.00001 100000 10CHF 1:3000
7 CADJPY 0.001 100000 1000JPY 1:3000
8 CHFJPY 0.001 100000 1000JPY 1:3000
9 EURAUD 0.00001 100000 10AUD 1:3000
10 EURCAD 0.00001 100000 10CAD 1:3000
dynamic leverage

1:3000 Dynamic Leverage

Increase your investment power with leverage that can maximize your trading capital’s potential by up to thousandfold. Our 1:3000 Dynamic Leverage is available for trading CFDs on certain Forex pairs. This dynamic tool automatically adjusts your leverage and margin according to your trading volume helping you save significant amounts on trading costs.

Dynamic Leverage

What is Leverage?

Leverage refers to using a smaller capital to open a position of a larger value in the market. This means that if you trade with leverage, you will only need to have a percentage of the value of the position you want to open available in your account. Caution is advised though; leverage can magnify your potential gains as well as your potential losses.

Leverage Meter
what is margin

What is Margin?

Simply put, margin is the amount of money you need to have in your account to open and hold a position. The certain amount is locked in your account until the time your trade is closed. Margin is inversely related to leverage. What does that mean? It means that the higher the leverage you choose to trade with, the lower the required margin is going to be.

Use our Margin Calculator

How much do you need to open a position? Do you have sufficient funds? Do you need to modify your trade? You don’t need to go looking for physical calculators and work out complex math. We have our own online margin calculator you can use to figure out how much you will need to open your buy or sell position in an instant, leaving no room for error.

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calculator margin

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