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We deliver superb services with you in mind because you count as much as your trades.

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“Swiss Made” Trading

The story of Traders Trust begins with its founder and CEO, Nicola Berardi. Working for more than 30 years in the financial services industry has led to the creation of Traders Trust, his own brokerage firm. Being a Swiss native, he infuses the local values in the organization.

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Our Vision

For us, it’s not about being first, it’s all about you coming first. Piece by piece we want to build a strong organization that will stay with you and support your trading for decades to come.

Quality, trust, responsibility is what drives our work and “Going the extra mile, every time” is our motto.

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Our Mission

Give Access to All

We make sure that everybody who wants to access the markets they can using our tools, features, and accessible accounts.

See you succeed

We give you the tools to make it in the markets. We boost and bolster your trading and are happy to see you succeed with us.

Be as Clear as Glass

We are honest about our operations, true to our commitments and always by your side. We offer safety of funds, timely payments & more.

Ensure you feel Secure

One of our key priorities is to make sure you feel that you can trust us with your hard-earned investment funds and your trading.

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Safety of Funds

We keep your funds separate from the company’s funds. The funds are securely kept at banks, they are only used by you, and they are available for you to withdraw at any time.

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Negative Balance Protection

If your balance goes negative, we rebalance it back to zero. We make sure that no matter if the market moves against your trades quickly, you do not lose more than your account balance.

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