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Dynamic Leverage

Up to 1:3000 Dynamic Leverage

Place your Forex trades with high leverage that’s hard to find.

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dynamic leverage

Trade with Dynamic Leverage

Whether you’re looking to trade Forex using a smaller or larger capital, we’re boosting your investment power with dynamic leverage that can reach up to 1:3000. Whenever you place an order to buy or sell specific Forex instruments, the money required to open a trade is automatically adjusted according to the trade volume.

Dynamic Leverage is only available on the MetaTrader 4 accounts.

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Dynamic Leverage Tiers

Net Open Lots Maximum Leverage
0 - 1 Max 1:3000
1,01 - 5 Max 1:2000
5,01 - 10 Max 1:1000
10,01 - 20 Max 1:500
20,01 - 50 Max 1:200
50,01 - 100 Max 1:100
100,01 - 300 Max 1:50
300,01 - 500 Max 1:33
500,01 > Max 1:25

Dynamic Leverage is available only on MetaTrader 4.

The Forex Pairs you can Trade with Dynamic Leverage

Let’s see an Example:

How much margin is needed to open 20 lots of EUR/USD with the dynamic leverage compared to a normal account with 1:500 leverage?

EUR/USD Market Price = 1.19326 – Contract size = $ 100,000

Dynamic Leverage

20 Lots with Dynamic Leverage would be split between:
1 Lot @ 3000 = $ 39.78
4 Lots @ 2000 = $ 238.65
5 Lots @ 1000 = $ 596.63
10 Lots @500 = $ 2386.52

Traders Trust just saved you $ 1,511.46

It would cost you

Normal Leverage

20 Lots @ 500 Leverage

Margin Required Formula:

Required Margin = Number of lots x Contract size x Market Price / Leverage
$ 4,773.04 = 20 lots x 100,000 x 1.19326 / 500

It would cost you

Once you enter the markets, Dynamic Leverage automatically adjusts your leverage and margin based on your open position.

Try our Dynamic Leverage Calculator

Leverage Lots Margin

Effective Trading with Dynamic Leverage

Use the Calculator

Traders Trust’s Margin Calculator will help you identify the margin required to open a position before entering the markets. Use our calculator to help build your forex trading strategy.

Study the Markets

Because of the high leverage you can apply on your initial positions, managing your risk is more crucial than ever so make sure you follow the markets and make informed trading decisions.

Trade in Order

With dynamic leverage, the order in which you open positions matters. Make sure you use our calculator to check which currency pair you can benefit from the most with higher leverage.

Trade Responsibly – Understand Trading Risks: CFDs on Forex are complex leveraged products traded on margin. They are derivative financial instruments that allow investors/traders to speculate on the price change of an asset without owning that asset. CFDs carry a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. Due to their complexity and volatility, trading CFDs on Forex may not be suitable for all investors as you may lose some or all of your invested/earned capital. Ensure that you fully understand the risks involved before deciding to trade. Understanding the risks involved and learning about the markets does not guarantee avoidance of losses but it may help you make informed decisions and manage your invested funds and trading risks more effectively. For first-time traders or investors, visit our website to register for a demo account and learn the basics. With a free demo account which includes a virtual balance, you can practice trading or test your strategies in a risk-free and safe environment.

Best trading conditions on our live forex trading account types

Discover our range of trading accounts, each tailored to meet the specific requirements of various types of traders.


minimum deposit


Open account

USD EUR JPY GBP Account currency

NO Commission per side

1.5 pips Min Spread

Up to 1:3000 Leverage

0.01 lot Min. Trade Volume


minimum deposit


Open account

USD EUR JPY GBP Account currency

3$/lot Commission per side

0 pips Min Spread

Up to 1:3000 Leverage

0.01 lot Min. Trade Volume


minimum balance


Open account

USD EUR JPY GBP Account currency

$1.5/lot Commission per side

0 pips Min Spread

Up to 1:3000 Leverage

0.01 lot Min. Trade Volume

Use Leverage to your Advantage

Trading with leverage enables you to control positions that exceed the value of your initial investment. This can maximize your profits when the market moves in your favor. However, if the market moves in an unfavorable direction, leverage can magnify losses. Make the most of trading with dynamic leverage with the following tips.

Risk Management

Only invest amounts that wouldn’t impact your finances if lost. Diversifying by investing in multiple asset classes is the most commonly known risk management method.

Stop Loss & Stop Out

They prevent losses you can’t afford. Also, once you enter the markets, dynamic leverage adjusts the leverage & margin to your trading benefit to help keep your positions open.

Trading Psychology

Try to avoid placing trades based on emotion. Make sure that you are aware of the market drivers which affect the spot prices of your preferred CFD trading instruments.

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