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China Data Fall Short

Stocks & Oil Down as China Data Fall Short

Asian stock markets fell, and oil prices dropped after the release of China’s disappointing economic data exposed how much lockdowns have harmed the world’s second largest economy. China’s April retail sales slid 11.1% on the year. Industrial output fell 2.9% in contrast to analysts’ expectations of an increase. The figures
US Dollar Stronger

US dollar stronger as investors weigh inflation, lockdowns, war

Investors’ sentiment continues to be affected by the Fed’s hawkish attitude, the Russian invasion-related commodity disruption, the possibility of an economic slowdown, and China’s lockdowns which threaten to further intensify supply-chain disruptions while further fueling inflation risks. US Treasuries US treasuries, stocks, and US equity futures fell today, Monday as
blog sanctions & nuclear alert 28 2 22

Sanctions & Nuclear Alert: Markets Fluctuate

The escalating Ukraine war and more intense sanctions from the West on Russia are the main forces driving the markets, causing them to be volatile. The demand for the US dollar, gold and Treasuries rose highlighting the increased demand for safe-haven assets during these times of uncertainty. The attacks threaten
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Ukrainian Crisis, Interest Rate Hikes Move Markets

The Ukrainian crisis and the possibility of an aggressive tightening by the US Fed as inflation hit 40-year highs could mean more ups and downs for the markets in an already volatile year. The news of a potential summit among US president Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin
blog prices skyrocket & oil 14.2.22

Prices Skyrocket & Oil Close to $100 while War is Looming

Last week, US consumer prices rose to higher-than-expected levels sending shocks through the markets. Inflation rose to 7.5% and recorded its fastest yearly rise in 4 decades. The Fed released its bond-buying schedule for March and left it unchanged. The central bank will start increasing its interest rates after its
blog nfp higher than 7 2 22

NFP higher than expected, US inflation, too?

After a higher-than-expected non-farm payroll report reading, the markets are awaiting the release of the US inflation report this week. These are some of the most important forces driving investors’ sentiment. Global Markets Asia Pacific shares were mixed with Chinese stocks rallying while others dropped. Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, and
blog major central bank 31.1.22

Major Central Bank Decisions Could Shift Markets

Markets have been volatile this month due to the Fed’s hawkish attitude aiming to fight inflation and a company earnings season that’s uneven. Volatility could be continuing this week as the Australian, UK and European Central Banks will be holding meetings to make their policy decisions in the following days.