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50K Convertible Bonus

Upgrade your Trading Power – Convert and Withdraw up to $50K Bonus, with 100% on each transfer

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Terms & Conditions apply
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Your Trading Catalyst Unpacked: up to $50,000 Convertible Bonus at a Glance!

Bonus Type

Convertible and Withdrawable

Max Withdrawal Credit

up to $50,000

Bonus amount

100% of Each transfer in

Minimum Transfer in

$300 per time

How to convert

Trade 0.2 lots => convert 1$ credit to 1$ cash


Within 90 days from last credit date


up to 1:3000

Account Types

MT4 Classic / Pro

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$50,000 Convertible Bonus

How to get started with the bonus

Introducing the up to 50K Convertible Bonus – an unmatched offer designed to try to boost your trading potential and maximize your earnings! To enjoy this opportunity, just follow the steps:

Deposit or use your existing balance

Fund your account or make use of the funds already available.

Apply and get approval

Submit your bonus application and get the green light to proceed.

Transfer in

Receive a 100% bonus on your deposit, up to a generous limit of $50,000.

Trade and convert to cash out

Turn your bonus into withdrawable cash by fulfilling the trading requirements.

Register/Verify account

Complete registration, verify your newly created account, and establish your trading profile.

Apply/Get approval

Submit your application for the 50K Convertible Bonus. Upon a swift review, get your application approved.


Fund your account to access trading opportunities. Every dollar counts!

Transfer in

Get rewarded a 100% bonus of your deposit amount. Amplify your trading capital up to a whopping $50,000.

Trade & Convert to cash out

Make trades and complete the trading criteria to convert your bonus into cash – ready to withdraw!

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Terms & Conditions apply
See the Example

Deposit $300

Transfer the minimum amount or more into your trading account to recieve the bonus.

Get 100% credit

Receive 100% credit bonus up to 50k on all transfers above the minimum amount.


Trade 1 lot for every $5 of credit, $300 credit = 60 Lots

Convert credit to Balance

Meet the volume requirements to Convert your credit to Balance.

Formula used

To convert credit to balance 1 lot for each $5 of credit must be traded. Trade 60 lots and convert $300 from credit to balance.

{Credit amount} / {$5} = {volume}
ie: 300 / 5 = 60

Start Trading
Terms & Conditions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Experience Team  

This offer is available to all Traders Trust customers who have a MT4 Classic / Pro account, regardless of whether they are new or existing clients.

If your bonus has expired, there’s no need to worry. You can claim it again and again, as many times as you want.

To convert credit to balance 1 lot for each $5 of credit must be traded. Trade 60 lots and convert $300 from credit to balance.

Total Profit and loss (P/L) – (all withdrawals + current withdrawal) = Profit
Any such profit can be withdrawn without affecting the bonus. Any amount of funds removed from the balance of the trading account that do not align with the aforementioned Profit definition will trigger an automatic removal of the credit bonus from the trading account.