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blog us dollar & pound 8 11 21

U.S. Dollar & Pound Down, Oil & Gold Up

The new trading week opens with a weakened U.S. dollar and British Pound while inflation concerns are casting a shadow over global markets. Oil, the black gold, is on a rally while gold- the shiny metal – is also on the rise. Forex: The U.S. dollar (USD) fell on Monday
blog oil drops to 19.7.21

Oil Drops to $70 and BTC below 31K

Today, a new trading week starts with a few releases and economic events. However, over the weekend there have been some noteworthy developments in the global markets. On Friday, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were down 0.8%, the Euro Stoxx 50 also experienced declines and was down 0.6% on Friday.
Moderna to enter the S&p 500

Oil Maintains Losses, Moderna to Enter the S&P 500

Today marks the end of a trading week with fluctuation in indices, metals, and forex, but the biggest loser of the week has been oil. The black gold has continued its losing streak for the third consecutive day, reaching March 2021 levels. According to Reuters, the main reason for this
blog fed stimulus remains 15 7 21

Fed Stimulus Remains & OPEC+ Closer to Oil Deal

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell communicated the same rhetoric the Fed has been using in recent months: ‘inflation remains transitory’ while fiscal stimulus continues. Even so, on the first day of the Fed’s meeting, Powell stressed that if the inflationary data continue, and exceed 2%, “we would
crypto moves out of china

Crypto Moves Out of China

Brent prices were heading towards $80 a barrel yesterday after OPEC+ countries broke off negotiations with the United Arab Emirates. The disagreements between Saudi Arabia and EAM threaten oil price stability and economic recovery. The personal battle between the two countries has destabilized the OPEC+ meeting talks, because of which