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Your Rollover Rates for overnight positions.

Check the swap rates for leaving positions open from one day to the next.

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Swap Fees

wdt_ID Instrument Short Position Long Position Triple Swaps Applied on
1 AUDCAD -2.68 -3.08 Wednesday
2 AUDCHF -10.16 2.86 Wednesday
3 AUDJPY -18.97 4.65 Wednesday
4 AUDNZD -0.12 -6.3 Wednesday
6 AUDUSD -2.68 -6.73 Wednesday
7 CADCHF -10.8 3.24 Wednesday
8 CADJPY -21.06 6.01 Wednesday
9 CHFJPY -11.1 1.18 Wednesday
10 EURAUD 0.28 -9.94 Wednesday
11 EURCAD 0.39 -8.84 Wednesday
what are swap fees

What are Swap Fees?

A swap, or rollover fee, is the amount added or deducted from your account for every time you hold a position open overnight. Forex Swap Rates express the interest rate differential between the currencies you are trading. They are not fixed, they change depending on the instruments you are trading, whether your position is long or short, they can either be positive or negative and are automatically applied to your account.

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Auto-Calculate your FX Swap Rates

Calculate your forex rollover fees with our swap calculator. Within seconds, you can find out how much your account will either be charged or credited with for every time you leave a position in forex open overnight. The calculator automatically generates your rollover fees for both a long and short position, in points as well as in your account base currency. The calculator works out the math for you, you do the trading.

Calculate Swaps
calculator swap

Swap Fee Formulas for All Assets

FX Swap

Pip value (for 1 lot) x Number of lots x Number of nights x swap rate (in points) / 10

Metals, Oils, Indices Swap

Volume (in lots) x Swap rate x Number of days x Point value

Crypto Swap

Volume (in lots) x Contract size x Swap rate x Market price at EOD (end of day = last price before the market closes) /100/360

More about Rollover Rates

Applied at 00:00 server time

Applied on open positions only

X3 swaps on Wednesdays or Fridays*

*Triple swaps are not applied on CFDs on Cryptos

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