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Metals Trading, Your Way.

Diversify your portfolio with CFDs on spot metals.

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Spot Metals Trading

Trade the instruments that investors turn to for effective portfolio diversification and hedging against inflation.

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Why Trade Precious Metals


Precious metals can be used as part of a diversified portfolio to hedge against investment risk.

Safe Haven

Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium may keep their value during crises.

Inflation Hedging

During periods of high inflation, valuable metals usually tend to hold their value.

1:200 Leverage

Increase your trading potential with Fixed Leverage 1:200.

We Offer More than just CFDs on Metals

Trade CFDs on multiple asset classes under a single account. Trade global currencies, the black gold, digital assets, or the stock markets.

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Trade major, minor and exotic currency pairs.



Trade the stocks of popular global companies.

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Gain instant exposure to bulks of global shares.

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Trade the cryptos everybody is talking about.

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Trade WTI & Brent, the most actively traded commodities

Investing in Precious Metals


Gold is used in dentistry and electronics, but its main application is as base for jewelry making. The price of the precious metal is affected by supply and demand, but one of its main drivers is investors’ sentiment. Generally, whenever investors decide to sell, the price drops. If they decide to buy, the prices go higher. Investors usually invest in gold when there are systemic financial concerns, periods of inflation, and geopolitical crises.

Trade Gold
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Silver is both a store of value and an industrial metal and its price is determined by its two roles. The price of silver usually follows along the price of gold, but divergences can occur due to the supply and demand for the valuable metal which can rise and fall because of its use in electrical appliances, medical products, electrical connections, other industrial items, batteries, superconductor applications, microcircuit markets and more.

Trade Silver
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Platinum tends to be more highly priced than gold and silver during geopolitical stability because it is a rarer precious metal, and less amount is extracted from the ground every year. Major factors that influence the price of platinum include its industrial use, its use in jewelry making, in petroleum and chemical refining catalysts production and finally, its use in the computer industry.

Trade Platinum
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The shiny, silvery metal is used in many kinds of manufacturing processes and has got applications in many industrial uses. These include electronics and industrial products such as catalytic converters, solar energy, and fuel cells. Palladium is also used in medicine, dentistry, jewelry, chemical applications, and groundwater treatment. The majority of palladium is extracted from mines in the United States, Russia, South Africa, and Canada.

Trade Palladium
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Traders stay with us. This is why:

1:3000 Maximum Leverage

With Dynamic Leverage, you can trade larger positions with less funds.

Zero fees on Transactions

You trade 100% of what you deposit and withdraw 100% of what you earn.

Fast & Easy Withdrawals

All your withdrawal requests are processed within just 1 working day.

Competitive Low spreads

With spreads as low as 0.0 you make the most of any trading opportunities.

Ultra-Fast Execution

With ultra-low latency, execution is fast, slippage & requotes are no issue.

All Strategies Accepted

Trading strategies including scalping, hedging, scaling & more are allowed.

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Navigate the Stock Market with MetaTrader 4 or cTrader

Millions choose MetaTrader 4 and cTrader to trade stocks – PC, phone, tablet – your profit potential travels with you.

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Discover our range of trading accounts, each tailored to meet the specific requirements of various types of traders.


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