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wdt_ID Symbol Company
55 stocks-adidas.webp ADS Adidas
56 stocks-air-france.webp AF Air France-KLM
57 stocks-air-liquide.webp AI Air Liquide
58 stocks-airbus-group_stock.webp AIR Airbus Group
60 stocks-allianz.webp ALV Allianz
61 stocks-basf-2.webp BAS BASF
62 stocks-british-american-tobacco.webp BATS British American Tobacco
63 stocks-bayer-1.webp BAYN Bayer
64 stocks-bmw.webp BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke
65 stocks-danone.webp BN Danone

*The above prices are for indicative purposes only. Please log into MT4, cTrader to see the live trading conditions.

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Navigate the Stock Market with MetaTrader 4 or cTrader

Millions choose MetaTrader 4 and cTrader to trade stocks – PC, phone, tablet – your profit potential travels with you.

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Invest in stocks with 0% commission

Trading CFDs on shares is easy and cost-effective with our advanced trading platform. Trade CFDs on thousands of global shares, including companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Fill your portfolio with a variety of leading stocks from the world’s top exchanges. Invest in stocks without paying commission and without limits on trading volume — with fractional shares, it’s easier than ever before.

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Best trading conditions on our live forex trading account types

Discover our range of trading accounts, each tailored to meet the specific requirements of various types of traders.


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3$/lot Commission per side

0 pips Min Spread

Up to 1:3000 Leverage

0.01 lot Min. Trade Volume


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$1.5/lot Commission per side

0 pips Min Spread

Up to 1:3000 Leverage

0.01 lot Min. Trade Volume

What are Stocks?

Stocks are a form of ownership in a company that trades on the stock market. You can trade stocks by speculating on their price movements, or you can be an active investor and hold them for the long term.

CFD is a Contract For the Difference in prices. It’s a financial instrument that’s used to buy shares online. Stock trading is possible due to the price going up or down, which traders use to open “Buy” or “Sell” positions in order to catch the current trend. This type of shares trading is about speculation on the fluctuations in the prices, without the ownership of the securities themselves. Typically the price of the contract for buying shares online is not fixed and changes all the time. Stock trading has never been so accessible.

Traders looking to profit from the performance of shares should look at online trading. At Traders Trust, we offer shares trading as CFD on the world’s most valuable companies such as Apple, Coca Cola and Facebook. Online trading is one of the most popular methods of investment.

Ordinary share

Shares are securities representing an owner’s part in a company. They reflect the value of a share to be acquired. A share gives its owner rights, as well as obligations in respect of taking part in management, right to participate in distribution of dividends and voting at general meetings (holding one vote for one share). The holder of 1000 shares has much more authority than the holder of 100 papers.

Preferred share

Preferred shares are issued by corporations and provide holders with the right to be paid a fixed amount of dividends before ordinary shareholders. Holders of preferred stock also have priority in the recovery of losses in an event of bankruptcy or liquidation. However, owners of preferred securities are deprived of the right to vote at shareholder meetings.

When a company issues shares, it is raising its capital. This money can be used to develop production or restock working capital. A company might also choose to list their securities on the stock exchange as an important part of their image. This brings in new investors who are interested in trading securities.

Listing is a procedure that ensures that a company meets certain standards to be listed on the stock exchange. Each stock exchange has its own requirements, some allowing companies to be listed after a period of time, and some requiring issuers to undergo stringent checks before listing.

The stock price is a key indicator of the current value of company’s shares. the Stock price is often quoted as INET_S10, for example. When shares are trading at a higher price than their initial offering, this indicates that investors believe the company has more value than when it first went public. On the other hand, if its stock price is less than its IPO, then you know there are a lot of short sellers betting against it. Though great companies have had their shares lose value temporarily as they wait for new products or investment opportunities to come along but over time you should see the share price increase

Stock trading can be done in several ways. As a rule, stock market participants either buy or sell securities directly on the stock exchange or through a broker who trades for them. Stock trading begins with finding a reliable broker.

There are two main courses of action for investors. The first is investing in themselves, so as to set up their own businesses or work for private companies. The second option involves investing in other companies and buying shares for later resale at a higher price.

When you own shares in a company, you receive a portion of the profits in the form of dividends. These are usually paid every month, quarterly or annually. The amount of dividends a shareholder receives depends on how much the company has generated in profits and how this amount is distributed amongst all shareholders.

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