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blog shares plummet as 19 9 22

Shares Plummet as Major Central Banks Meet for Rate Decisions

Shares declined in Asia today, Monday, as a series of interest rate decisions due in the next few days are likely to cause borrowing costs around the world to rise. The drop in global stocks comes after their worst week


Euro Rises as U.S. dollar drops

Euro Rises as U.S. dollar drops; Markets Await U.S. CPI

The U.S. dollar dropped further from highs last seen 20 years ago – a development that benefited risk appetite. At the same time, the Euro and British pound recorded gains. Global stock markets were volatile ahead of the release of


Euro down and Dollar up

The Euro Below 99 Cents for First Time in 20 Years

European equity futures dropped, and the euro and pound sterling fell today, Monday as the energy crisis has been escalating adding pressure to an already stressed global economy troubled by soaring inflation and the tightening of monetary policies. At the


US Dollar HIGH

US Dollar at 20-year High as Powell Signals more Rate Hikes

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s indications for more interest rate hikes for longer at his Jackson Hole Symposium speech pushed the US dollar to highs last seen two decades ago. The comments sent tidal waves across global markets as they


US Dollar HIGH

U.S. Dollar at 5-week High, Fed Signals Hawkish Mood

Prospects of a continuous. aggressive monetary policy by the Fed, the troubled Chinese property market, a power crunch and Covid 19 mobility curbs make up some major markets forces for today, Monday. Among other market movements, the U.S. dollar rose


Strong NFP Halths Equity Bounce

Strong NFP halts Equity Bounce, Causes Hike Worries

Asian stock markets were down on Monday and the US dollar held its ground after the U.S. payroll report came in at 528K - more than double the 250K forecasts. The stunning figure pointed to no signs of US recession


Oil Stocks Down

Oil, Stocks Down as Fed likely to hike interest rates

Stocks, oil, and gold fell, U.S. equity futures wavered while the U.S. dollar was slightly up against other currencies today, Monday. Market sentiment has been affected by a dimming economic outlook and fears that hiking interest rates could tip global


US Dollar Jumps

U.S. Dollar Jumps, Oil Drops as China’s in Lockdown Risk Again

Asian stocks fell, U.S. equity futures and oil dropped, and the U.S. dollar rose as the highly transmittable BA.5 Omicron variant was discovered in Shanghai, China’s commercial hub. The incident and the mass screening sparked worries about the risk of