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Strong NFP halts Equity Bounce, Causes Hike Worries

Asian stock markets were down on Monday and the US dollar held its ground after the U.S. payroll report came in at 528K - more than double the 250K forecasts. The stunning figure pointed to no signs of US recession and reinforced expectations of additional substantial rate hikes from the

Stocks Revive, US Dollar Declines as China Reopens

Stocks in Asia and US futures went up and seem to be recovering losses today, Monday, after China’s fewer Covid-19 cases prompted the easing of the local lockdowns. China is slowly getting back to normal with Shanghai planning to open on June 1, after a two-month lockdown, while in Beijing
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U.S. Dollar & Pound Down, Oil & Gold Up

The new trading week opens with a weakened U.S. dollar and British Pound while inflation concerns are casting a shadow over global markets. Oil, the black gold, is on a rally while gold- the shiny metal – is also on the rise. Forex: The U.S. dollar (USD) fell on Monday
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NFP Below Expectations, Oil & Bitcoin on the Rise

The new trading week starts in the wake of a weak NFP figure, Bitcoin rising to a level it last reached in May, Asian stocks rising, US stocks falling and oil trading above $80 per barrel for the first time since 2014. NFP The September payrolls report for the U.S.
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10-year Treasury Bonds Fall Ahead of Fed Minutes

Last week the NFP added 850K new jobs to the market. The better than expected figure signaled a gradual recovery in the economy. However, yesterday, 10-year US Treasury yields fell below 1.35%, the lowest since February 24. Yesterday’s ISM services data for June was released. The figures reflected than expected