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dynamic leverage for xauusd

Up to 1:3000 Dynamic Leverage for XAUUSD

We are now offering Dynamic Leverage that can go as high as 1:3000 for your gold against the US dollar trades. This means you can now magnify the potential of your XAUUSD buy and sell positions by up to three thousandfold.

How does Dynamic Leverage work?

As the name implies, trading on margin becomes dynamic when you use this tool. Dynamic Leverage does not work like fixed leverage which remains steady from the beginning of a trade to its end. It changes and is automatically adjusted according to the trade volume of all your open positions.

Dynamic leverage automatically decreases as your trading volume increases. This allows you to maximize your trading potential while making sure that responsible risk management strategies are applied and that risks from high volume trading are minimized.

This tool also allows you to significantly cut down on trading costs. Being able to trade with such high leverage means that your margin – the money you need to have in your account to open and keep a trade open – is significantly decreased instantly.

Discover the possibilities of Dynamic Leverage and make the most out of trading XAUUSD.