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Bitcoin Dives Below 30K, Major Indices & Oils Fall

The consensus of economic analysts, inflation, rising Covid-19 outbreaks, and exorbitant consumer price figures seem to point to the start of a possible economic slowdown. As a result, falls in oil, bitcoin, indices, and 10-year US Treasury bonds have been triggered. June’s inflation figure came in at 5.4%, the highest
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Fed Stimulus Remains & OPEC+ Closer to Oil Deal

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell communicated the same rhetoric the Fed has been using in recent months: ‘inflation remains transitory’ while fiscal stimulus continues. Even so, on the first day of the Fed’s meeting, Powell stressed that if the inflationary data continue, and exceed 2%, “we would
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Markets at a Glance: Bitcoin, Oil, and Other Assets

Today marks the end of a trading week in the stock markets. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq fell from record highs set a few days ago. The dollar rose slightly, and the 10-year US Treasuries were down around 1.32% after their worst declines since June 2021. 30-year US Treasuries