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blog interest rates & forex 20 9 21

Interest Rates & Forex, Oil & Metals & Crypto Market News

Investors seem to have been encouraged by last week’s rise in US retail sales despite the spread of the coronavirus Delta variant and China’s housing crisis. US Treasuries and the US dollar rose. This week, traders will likely focus on the Fed Chairman’s speech on Friday for clues as to
blog market at a glance delta 6.9.21

Markets at a Glance: Delta variant, NFP, Oil & Crypto Updates

A new and exciting trading week begins this Monday with the release of the latest NFP data last Friday. US employment data added 235,000 jobs in August, a figure well below expectations leaving traders waiting for the Fed’s direction. According to Reuters, some analysts believe that the Fed may delay
blog bitcoin dives below 20 7 21

Bitcoin Dives Below 30K, Major Indices & Oils Fall

The consensus of economic analysts, inflation, rising Covid-19 outbreaks, and exorbitant consumer price figures seem to point to the start of a possible economic slowdown. As a result, falls in oil, bitcoin, indices, and 10-year US Treasury bonds have been triggered. June’s inflation figure came in at 5.4%, the highest
blog oil drops to 19.7.21

Oil Drops to $70 and BTC below 31K

Today, a new trading week starts with a few releases and economic events. However, over the weekend there have been some noteworthy developments in the global markets. On Friday, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were down 0.8%, the Euro Stoxx 50 also experienced declines and was down 0.6% on Friday.
blog market at a glance 9 7 21

Markets at a Glance: Bitcoin, Oil, and Other Assets

Today marks the end of a trading week in the stock markets. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq fell from record highs set a few days ago. The dollar rose slightly, and the 10-year US Treasuries were down around 1.32% after their worst declines since June 2021. 30-year US Treasuries
crypto moves out of china

Crypto Moves Out of China

Brent prices were heading towards $80 a barrel yesterday after OPEC+ countries broke off negotiations with the United Arab Emirates. The disagreements between Saudi Arabia and EAM threaten oil price stability and economic recovery. The personal battle between the two countries has destabilized the OPEC+ meeting talks, because of which