When I login, “Waiting for update” message is displayed and trading is not possible.

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A – If you see this message it is very likely that the login credentials you have used are incorrect or you are trying to connect the wrong server (Demo/Live server). Please carefully check your credentials. If the problem persists please contact our support.

Log-in to your MT4 account, and an icon like the volume mark displayed on the lower right of the platform screen is green / green or green / red, and you can log in, even though you are logged in. There is a possibility that your MT4 working account is set as a dormant account.

We would be grateful if you could email us at our support or contact us via chat.

Email description
Destination email: [email protected]
Subject: Application for reactivation of dormant account
1 Customer’s name
2 E-mail address of our registration
3 Reactivation Account number you want