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Forex Calculators Do the Trading Math.

Have your margin, swap, profit, loss, pip value & more calculated in seconds.

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Fast Math for Fast Markets

Execute your forex calculations in seconds with Traders Trust’s trading calculators. The calculators cover a wide range of purposes, and they can turn into a “must” for your trading toolbox as they can help you to manage your risk better, move quick and spend more time planning your next moves in the markets rather than doing the math manually.

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All-in-One Calculator

Calculate margin, pip value and swaps at once.


Margin Calculator

Calculate the required margin to open specific positions.


Swap Calculator

Calculate the interest rate for holding positions overnight.


Profit / Loss Calculator

Calculate the potential gains and losses for your trades.


Pip Calculator

Calculate the value of 1 pip in your account currency.


Currency Converter

Convert amounts from one currency
into another.


Auto – Calculate your Forex trades

Forex calculators are a far cry from your typical calculators. They use algorithms to give you instant results based on different trading formulas. In other words, they turn elaborate manual calculations into instant automated processes. All you have to do is input your trades’ specifications. You will get accurate results based on live market prices in seconds.

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auto calculate your forex trades
manage risk better

Manage Risk Better

Using our calculators, you can improve your risk management – the handling of the risks associated with your trading. The calculators can help you to plan your future moves in the markets as they give you the chance to:

Assess the consequences of possible trades

Estimate potential profit and loss from a trade

Compare results for different positions

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