What is a strategy provider?

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A – A strategy provider is also called a money manager or asset manager, and refers to an individual or corporation that invests in the funds of an investor as a money manager or asset manager.

Also known as MAM account or PAMM account, Strategy Provider corresponds to the operator of MAM account / PAMM account.

In terms of conflicts of interest, Traders Trust has registered another strategy provider (MAM / PAMM manager) and an introducing broker who introduces the strategy to investors.

Also, the account managed by the Strategy Provider is called a master account, and the account for investors to invest is called a sub-account.

* If the Company’s compliance department determines that there is no conflict of interest between the investor and the manager or introducer, such as setting the performance fee as manager to zero, the strategy provider and the IB (introduce Sing brokers may accept establishments with the same name / same person.

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