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Chart and Market watch prices now match

Faster execution globally

Now a faster and more precise global trading experience

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After the migration, our server locations will be spread to 2 places

  • Our servers in London LD4 will remain available for Non-Asian clients.

  • All raw spread account types will be allocated to the Tokyo TY3 Server.

  • All Japanese clients will be allocated to Tokyo TY3 Server.
    *it is not allowed to choose server location via platform

On the 2nd & 3rd of May 2020

What actions to take

  • Download the new MT4 terminal or Login with the new server url.
    After the migration, please be informed that all clients who have any of the below account types will need to download the new terminal or login with the new server url as below:
    • Server 1:
    • Server 2:
    • Server 3:

  • After you entered it the first time, make sure you click on “save account information” for it to be saved for future login.

What to consider

  • If you are using our Beeks VPS service, please follow the steps, in order to change your contract with Beeks.
  • If you are our partner, Agent account in your SA will be virtual account to collect...
  • Special set-up need

  • VPS service with Beeks
  • Expert advisor parameters to check
  • Agent account

Choose the correct Server for your Account Type

How to select a server on the MT4 desktop

desktop chart

How to select a server on the MT4 mobile

mobile platform

Server migration FAQ

General queries

The reason for the Server Migration is to provide traders living in Asia with best trading conditions. The proximity of the servers will allow traders to benefit from the fastest execution time in the market, as well as matching spread from the charts.

They are two main benefits for traders:

  • Chart prices matching the account types: Clients with all-inclusive or ECN (Raw-spread +commission) account types now have charts matching their respective spread. This feature will allow for more accurate trading.

  • Servers will be located in Tokyo: More precisely in the exclusive Equinix Datacentre TY3. This will allow traders living in or closer to Japan than U.K to benefit from an ultra-low latency execution.

Servers will be located in Tokyo and London.

The migration should be completed by the first of April 2020. Throughout this process, clients will be informed by email of the progress as well as the steps to follow to open accounts in the new servers.

Client/Trader usage

The new MT4 terminal can be downloaded in the same locations as the old ones, which are the website and the secure area.

Here is the web link to download the platform:

Below is a screenshot of how to download the terminal from the secure area

Based on the account type you will open from your secure area; the server number will be automatically chosen. Then when you login to your trading account from your MT4 Terminal, you will select the correct server as shown in the below screenshot.

In the server option, you will enter either one of the below server names based on the server number you will see from the secure area

  • TTCM-Live

  • TTCM-Live2

  • TTCM-Live3

After you entered it the first time, make sure you click on “save account information” for it to be saved for future login.

From your secure area, check the server number next to your account number. Then enter the correct server name during your next login and you will be able to use your current trading account.

Yes, you can. Open positions will be migrated as well as the account to the relevant server. Your take profit and stop loss will also remain as well as pending orders. However, trailing stops won’t remain active and will need to be set again.

For existing accounts, only the server name will change. Therefore, please make sure to check the new server number of your account from your secure area. Then, during your next login, you only need to modify the server name as the login and password remain the same.

  • Server 1

  • Server 2

  • Server 3

Your Beeks VPS will remain operational. However, as it is located in London, you will be required to change its location to Tokyo in order to benefit from the low latency execution. Please contact Beeks VPS who will transfer your VPS location to their Tokyo server.

Yes, as the Pro account type is located in the Tokyo server, your execution speed will be dramatically faster.

Yes, internal transfers will remain instant.

Partner usage

As a partner, you are not required to do anything during the migration as we will handle all the changes. However, it is recommended to inform your clients about the server changes in order make this transition as smooth as possible.

As a partner, you will now have one MT4 rebate account per server. The sum of all these accounts will be added automatically to your agent account. The agent account is available in your secure area in which you will see your commission and run reports.

Yes, you will receive additional login details for the new servers as well.

From your partner area you have the possibility to run various reports such as commission, detailed commission, and commission by traders.

CT MAM and Public Social trader

Both CT MAM and Social trader will continue operating as usual during and after the server migration. You can continue following your account from your secure area. If you want to follow your account activity directly from the MT4 terminal, you can use the existing login details. However, make sure that you use the correct updated server name.

Yes, you can. Opened positions will remain open during the migration.

If you have provided your investor password to investors, then make sure you give them the new server number so they can login again. There are no changes for Investors who copy your strategy using our copy trade.

Margin trading involves significant risk to your invested capital

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