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Trading Schedule Changes due to Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time – Trading Schedule Changes

We would like to inform you that in observance of the upcoming US Daylight Saving Time (12th of March 2023) server time will be adjusted to GMT+3 (current server time GMT+2) to ensure that MT4 server is still opening at midnight.

FX market will open and close 1 hour earlier for the next 2 weeks, but FX market opening on our MT4 server remains at 00:00 due to GMT+3 setting.

From 12th of March all European CFD products will open and close 1 our later.

On the 26th of March when EU moves to summertime (Server time remains at GMT+3), standard trading times will apply.

Check the updated schedule and prepare your trading plan accordingly.

US and EU Daylight Saving Time
INSTRUMENT 12.03.2023 – 26.03.2023
Daylight Saving Time EU,  March 2023 FX Regular Trading hours
METALS Regular Trading hours
OIL UKOIL Mon: 02:00-24:00 Tue-Fri: 00:00-01:00,03:00-24:00
USOIL Regular Trading hours
INDICES US30 Regular Trading hours
JP225 Regular Trading hours
US500 Regular Trading hours
UT100 Regular Trading hours
HK50 04:15-07:00,08:00-11:30,12:15-22:00
DE30 Mon-Thu: 03:15-24:00 Friday: 03:15-23:00
EU50 Open @ 01:00 Close @ 00:00
FR40 Open @ 01:00 Close @ 00:00
ES35 Open @ 10:00  Close @ 22:00
CRYPTO Regular Trading hours

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