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Tag: Market Summary

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Economic Recovery & Inflation Fears Move the Markets

Global stocks are entering the month close to new all-time highs, supported by the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and high liquidity. Nevertheless, inflation fears and concerns that rising price pressures could lead central banks to cut support earlier than expected remain. The US dollar weakened while the yuan
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Gold rises to 5-month high amid inflation fears

Gold rose to $1,912.74 per ounce yesterday, breaking through the psychological barriers of $1,900. The gold price rally, the highest in five months, is most likely the result of a weak dollar, inflation, and a drop in U.S. Treasury yields. U.S. stock indices, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq declined

Stability in Cryptocurrencies & Biden’s Tax Plan

During Thursday’s trading session stock markets stabilized. The Nasdaq broke above the 50-day moving average, the SP&500 was up 0.1%, oil suffered its biggest weekly drop since March, the dollar weakened, and cryptocurrencies seemed to steady after their plunge in recent days. The stability in cryptocurrencies comes on the same
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Cryptocurrencies and Stock Markets Record Rapid Declines

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve (Fed) released data from its April meeting, a meeting that took place before the US employment decline, hiring constraints, and the unexpected rebound in consumer prices. Nevertheless, the Fed sees the economy as gradually recovering, and given the pace of inflation, they hinted at the possibility