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US Dollar Stronger

US dollar stronger as investors weigh inflation, lockdowns, war

Investors’ sentiment continues to be affected by the Fed’s hawkish attitude, the Russian invasion-related commodity disruption, the possibility of an economic slowdown, and China’s lockdowns which threaten to further intensify supply-chain disruptions while further fueling inflation risks. US Treasuries US treasuries, stocks, and US equity futures fell today, Monday as
crypto moves out of china

Crypto Moves Out of China

Brent prices were heading towards $80 a barrel yesterday after OPEC+ countries broke off negotiations with the United Arab Emirates. The disagreements between Saudi Arabia and EAM threaten oil price stability and economic recovery. The personal battle between the two countries has destabilized the OPEC+ meeting talks, because of which
blog bitcoin recovers from 23 6 21

Bitcoin Recovers from Dramatic Fall Below $30,000

Bitcoin extended gains during today’s Asian trading session, rebounding from a fall below $30,000. The digital coin is trading at $34,154.70 at the time of writing. During Tuesday’s US trading session, Bitcoin fell 12% and was trading at $28,824 – a level below $30,000 the digital coin hadn’t fallen to
escalates crypto crackdown

Bitcoin Keeps Plunging After China Escalates Crypto Crackdown

The price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies plunged on Monday as China’s central bank gathered officials from the country’s biggest banks and payment processors to recap on a cryptocurrency services ban and to instruct them to adopt a more active role in restraining cryptocurrency trading and activities involving digital assets.
blog cryptos in the spotlight 4 6 21

Cryptos in the Spotlight Again

The finance minister of Norway, Jan Tore Sanner, set himself apart from crypto critics when he suggested that cryptocurrencies will eventually move past their swings in volatility and reach a period of “breakthroughs”. During an interview on Tuesday, he stated: “It is clear that there may be a development over
blog gold vs crypto 28 5 21

Gold vs Crypto: The Debate Goes on as the Tables Turn

Gold has recorded rises this month while cryptocurrencies are rapidly dropping. The divergence in direction has brought to the forefront the debate of whether the two assets are correlated. Gold has reached its highest levels since October and prices have almost touched $1,900 per ounce. The rise can be attributed
blog new crypto appears 26 5 21

New Crypto Appears amid Concerns over Fed Stimulus Cut

Yesterday, despite rumors about Federal Reserve (Fed) officials discussing a plan to cut fiscal stimulus in the face of inflation, most markets closed positive in both the US and Europe. Cryptocurrencies are slowly recovering from last week’s plunge, with Bitcoin reaching $40,000 just as a new cryptocurrency enters the market:
blog eu summit cover brexit 24 5 21

EU Summit to Cover Brexit, COVID-19, Climate Change

Today, the European summit, a two days’ long political meeting at which the assembled political leaders will voice their foreign, social, and economic policy concerns, begins. In particular, the summit will focus on the review of Brexit agreements and Europe’s relations with Russia, especially after this weekend’s incident in which