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Cryptos in the Spotlight Again

The finance minister of Norway, Jan Tore Sanner, set himself apart from crypto critics when he suggested that cryptocurrencies will eventually move past their swings in volatility and reach a period of “breakthroughs”. During an interview on Tuesday, he stated:
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Economic Recovery & Inflation Fears Move the Markets

Global stocks are entering the month close to new all-time highs, supported by the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and high liquidity. Nevertheless, inflation fears and concerns that rising price pressures could lead central banks to cut support earlier
blog gold rises to 27 5 21

Gold rises to 5-month high amid inflation fears

Gold rose to $1,912.74 per ounce yesterday, breaking through the psychological barriers of $1,900. The gold price rally, the highest in five months, is most likely the result of a weak dollar, inflation, and a drop in U.S. Treasury yields.
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New Crypto Appears amid Concerns over Fed Stimulus Cut

Yesterday, despite rumors about Federal Reserve (Fed) officials discussing a plan to cut fiscal stimulus in the face of inflation, most markets closed positive in both the US and Europe. Cryptocurrencies are slowly recovering from last week’s plunge, with Bitcoin
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EU Summit to Cover Brexit, COVID-19, Climate Change

Today, the European summit, a two days’ long political meeting at which the assembled political leaders will voice their foreign, social, and economic policy concerns, begins. In particular, the summit will focus on the review of Brexit agreements and Europe’s