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Market Insights

8 9 how to predict market trends

Mastering Forex Movements: How to Predict Market Trends

Forex, also known as foreign exchange, is the largest market globally, where trading reaches over $5 trillion (about $15,000 per person in the US) daily, surpassing the stock markets. While big banks and corporations dominate the trading, individual traders still
25 8 2023 market insights

3 Key Factors for Choosing your Forex Broker

Navigating the world of brokers can be a daunting task, especially with the prevalence of scams and the need for reliability. Making the right choice is crucial to safeguard your investments and ensure a seamless trading experience. In this article-guide,
18 unveiling the formula for forex trading success

Unveiling the Formula for Forex Trading Success

Continuous learning is essential for success in forex trading. Successful traders understand the importance of acquiring knowledge about the forex market, technical analysis, and risk management. They have a thirst for learning, constantly reading books, attending seminars, and taking online
11 how central banks drive forex market

How Central Banks Drive Forex Markets

Central banks play a crucial role in foreign exchange (forex) markets, influencing a currency's value through interest rate policies and market interventions. They determine a nation's exchange rate regimes and operate independently of the government in most countries. Revealing the
how to overcome challenges mi hero

How to overcome challenges and Become a Successful Trader

Transitioning from a conventional job to becoming a professional trader in your free time can pose significant challenges. However, overcoming these obstacles requires finding a trading style that aligns with your personal characteristics and available schedule, such as swing-trading or
exploring the influence of global events

Exploring the Influence of Global Events on Forex Markets

The forex market, being the largest financial market globally, mirrors and reflects global events. It is not separate but intricately linked to the overall global economic well-being and geopolitical climate. Whether it's decisions made by central banks, economic indicators, political