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Euro vs Singapore Dollar

Euro vs Singapore Dollar (EURSGD)

The EURSGD pair represents the exchange rate between the Euro EUR and the Singapore Dollar SGD. Trading this currency pair involves speculating on the value of the Euro relative to the Singapore Dollar.

-.-- -.--%
Annual change
All time High / Low
1.37127 / 1.69641




Daily price range:

EURSGD Contract Specifications

  • Minimum Spreads, points: 0
  • Contract Size per Lot: 100000
  • Swap type: Points
  • Swap Long: -7.44
  • Swap Short: -6.07
  • Margin Group: FX Majors
  • Margin Currency: EUR
  • Tick size: 0
  • Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4
  • Minimum Volume: 0.01
  • Maximum Volume: 0
  • Trading Schedule EET: 00:00 - 23:59 Mon - Fri
  • Hedged Margin: 1
  • Days Swap: FX Wednesday, metals-indices-oil friday

History of EURSGD

The history of EURSGD can be traced back to the adoption of the Euro as the official currency of the Eurozone in 1999. At that time, the Singapore Dollar was pegged to a basket of currencies, including the Euro. However, in 2001, Singapore moved to a managed float exchange rate system, allowing the value of the Singapore Dollar to be determined by market forces. Since then, the EURSGD exchange rate has fluctuated based on various factors such as economic developments, interest rate differentials, and geopolitical events.

currency pair eursgd

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Frequently Asked Questions

EURSGD is a currency pair in the foreign exchange market, representing the exchange rate between the Euro (EUR), the official currency of the Eurozone, and the Singapore Dollar (SGD), the currency of Singapore. Specifically, it denotes the value of one Euro in terms of Singapore Dollars. Traders and investors closely monitor the EURSGD exchange rate to gauge the relative strength of these currencies and make informed decisions in international trade and finance involving both the Eurozone and Singapore.

Trading the EURSGD pair involves speculating on the change in value of the Euro relative to the Singapore Dollar. Traders can trade this pair through a forex broker, using either a desktop or mobile platform. They can go long (buy) if they think the Euro will appreciate against the Singapore Dollar, go short (sell) if they expect the opposite, or use advanced trading techniques such as hedging or options trading. Before trading, it is important to perform market analysis, set trading goals, and manage risk effectively with the use of stop-loss orders or other risk management tools.

The trading hours for EURSGD can be found here

Popular trading strategies for the EURSGD pair include trend following, swing trading, breakout trading, and fundamental analysis. Trend-following strategies involve identifying and trading with prevailing price trends. Swing trading focuses on capturing short- to medium-term price swings. Breakout trading looks for key support and resistance levels to enter trades when price breaks out. Fundamental analysis involves monitoring economic indicators, central bank policies, and geopolitical events that can affect the EURSGD exchange rate. Traders can choose the strategy that aligns with their trading style and risk tolerance.

When trading the EURSGD pair, consider factors like economic data from the Eurozone and Singapore, central bank policies, political developments, and global market sentiment. Keep an eye on interest rate differentials between the Euro and Singapore Dollar, as they can impact the exchange rate. Be aware of the pair’s inherent volatility and potential for rapid price movements. Implement risk management strategies to protect your investments, and stay informed about broader economic and geopolitical events that can influence the EURSGD exchange rate. Thorough analysis and vigilance are crucial for successful trading in this currency pair.