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Tag: Trading Education

Take Profit, Stop Loss and the Trailing Stop

When it comes to forex trading, the excitement and emotions involved can often cause traders to focus on entering the market and generating profits, completely overlooking one of the most important aspects of trading ‘Risk Management’. One of the keys to achieving success in forex trading over the long term

What is a pip in Forex?

The term PIP stands for ‘percentage in points’ or ‘price interest point’ and in simple terms is a unit of measurement which is used to express the change in price between two currencies. Pips are used in forex trading to calculate the spread (difference between the Bid and Ask price)

Trading Psychology

Let’ face it, no one likes losing money and the emotions triggered by such events will manifest themselves differently within each individual. Studies show that investors feel losses twice as hard as wins, potentially further influencing future trading decisions. When trading successfully an investor may start to feel overconfident, particularly

What is Free Margin?

We have already discovered in a previous article that Margin is the amount of money needed to open a trade, and once trades are opened, we can see the total amount of Margin being used in the terminal window of the trading platform. For a recap on Margin click here.
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Zooming in on the Concept of Leverage

Leverage is defined as the tool which allows a trader to control a position of a higher value with less capital. Investing in currency exchange by paying the full market price (also called a 1:1 leverage) requires a significant amount of capital. In an effort to open the gates of