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Juneteenth 2022 Changed Trading Hours

Changed Trading Hours – Juneteenth 2022

Due to the Juneteenth National Independence Day in the U.S, the trading hours for some markets will change on Monday, June 20, 2022. The markets will reopen as normal on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

Check the updated schedule and prepare your trading plan ahead of the federal holiday.

All times are server time (GMT+3)
Monday 20th of June
INSTRUMENT   Juneteenth
FX   Regular Trading Hours
COMMODITIES METALS Early close at 21:30
UKOIL Early close at 20:15
USOIL Early close at 20:15
INDICES US30 Early close at 20:00
JP225 Early close at 20:00
US500 Early close at 20:00
UT100 Early close at 20:00
FR40 Regular Trading Hours
ES35 Regular Trading Hours
EU50 Regular Trading Hours
DE40 Regular Trading Hours
HK50 Regular Trading Hours
CRYPTOS   Regular Trading Hours


*Keep in mind that the trading hours are subject to change.