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blog trading psychology 29 7 21

Trading Psychology

Let’ face it, no one likes losing money and the emotions triggered by such events will manifest themselves differently within


blog what is free margin 27 7 21

What is Free Margin?

We have already discovered in a previous article that Margin is the amount of money needed to open a trade,


blog what is forex trading 22 7 21

What is Forex trading?

Forex also referred to as FX, foreign exchange, and currency trading is the act of exchanging one currency for another.


blog what is spread 20 7 21

What is Spread?

When trading Forex or other financial CFDs (contracts for difference) the spread is simply the difference between the bid (sell)


blog what is swap 15 7 21

What is Swap in Forex trading?

When trading Forex or other CFD (Contract for Difference) financial instruments, swap also known as rollover refers to the interest


blog what is stop out 13 7 21 (1)

What is Stop out?

In our previous articles, we looked in detail at margin and leverage. We saw that when trading forex or other


blog crypto moves out 6 7 21

Crypto Moves Out of China

Brent prices were heading towards $80 a barrel yesterday after OPEC+ countries broke off negotiations with the United Arab Emirates.


blog what is margin 6 7 21

What is Margin Level?

Whether you are a seasoned and experienced Investor or Trader, or perhaps you are completely new to CFD trading and