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WTI & Crude Brent

Ultra-tight spreads
on Oil

Why trade WTI & Brent Crude

icon oil high volatility

High volatility

The prices of Brent Crude & WTI are in a constant state of flux & can move up or down following the news or market conditions.

icon oil tight spreads

Tight spreads

Due to the popularity of oil CFDs and the high flow of orders on Brent Crude & WTI, the assets can be traded with low spreads.

icon oil high liquidity

High liquidity

Oil is one of the most widely traded energy instruments & that allows you to enter and exit buy or sell positions with ease.

icon oil portfolio diversification

Portfolio diversification

CFDs on Brent Crude (UK oil) & WTI (US oil) can be another means to diversify your portfolio and hedge against investment risk.

market drivers for oil

Market drivers for oil

Oil CFDs are a popular way to trade the global economy as oil is connected to economic activity. When trading Brent Crude or WTI, investors follow the market drivers for oil prices which include the state of the economy, the strength of the US dollar, new energy sources, global oil production, OPEC+ meetings, and geopolitical events.

Trade Oil
leverage to boost trading

Leverage to boost trading

You can boost the trading potential of your Brent Crude and WTI CFDs with up to 1:25 leverage. Leverage at this level allows you to magnify the potential of your buy & sell positions on the black gold by up to 25 times & gives you greater exposure to the financial markets than what your trading capital alone would allow you to.

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