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Why trade CFDs on EURUSD?

icon eurusd unmatched liquidity

Unmatched liquidity

EURUSD represents the world’s largest economies, it’s the most liquid forex pair & you could easily open & close trades on it.

icon eurusd easy access to info

Easy access to info

Financial data, the latest news, and abundant information on price drivers for the popular currency pair are widely available.

icon eurusd go long go short

Go Long or short

Trading the EURUSD, you can speculate to capitalize both on the upward and downward movement of the currency pair’s price.

image 4 multiple frame trends

Multi-frame trends

EURUSD has traditionally exhibited trends across multiple time frames which could be easy to identify, follow up with & trade.

icon eurusd tune in

Tune in the
Central Banks’ news

The EURUSD rate is influenced by economic data, news, and releases on both sides of the Atlantic. Investors pay close attention to the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, their announcements, and speeches by their members to determine the monetary policy direction for the two nations. Political developments, trade balances and other factors can also affect the price of the forex pair.

icon eurusd dynamic leverage

Dynamic Leverage

Trade EURUSD, the most liquid forex pair in the world, with up to 1:3000 dynamic leverage – one of the highest leverage levels you can find in the market. Putting the 1:3000 dynamic leverage to use can magnify your trading investment power by up to 3,000 times, significantly lower your trading costs and immensely increase the potential of possible earnings while you trade CFDs on the “fiber”.

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