Week End Trading Outlook on NZD, USD, GBP, EUR

How could we call it a week without a weekend trading outlook on NZD, USD, GBP, and EUR? Here’s how you can chart it up!

NZD Week-End Trading Outlook

The Kiwi added pips today against its greenback counterpart on New Zealand Finance Minister Robertson’s ‘comfortable’ comments to CNBC regarding the pattern followed by NZD: “We want a sustainable exchange rate that gives our exporters a fair go… I am comfortable with the general trend”. Hence, NZDUSD hit record highs in the Asian session today.

In Europe, NZDUSD follows a similar ascending trend, hitting a daily open of 0.69889 and is en route to fresh tops above 0.70300s.

USD, EUR Week-End Trading Outlook

Barclays analysts expect the US industrial production to reflect a 0.3% m/m rise in November. Sensitive to the optimistic estimation, EURUSD is up again to test 1.1800s, following a daily open at 1.7743.

Despite the lack of any hints about the ECB’s decision to increase interest rates, EUR bulls are jumping on the charts hailing the upbeat Eurozone PMI positive data. With French PMIs reaching 207-month record highs in December and German manufacturing PMI prints showing an all-time high, up goes the EUR!

GBP Week-End Trading Outlook

Closely eyeing UK politics and US economic data, GBPUSD started the day with a daily open at 1.34319 and hovers now above 1.134228 – 30.

Having reached the end of the trading week, chart it up and tune in for more!