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200% Bonus
on Every Deposit

Get a 200% bonus on for every deposit you make with Traders Trust

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Deposit $400
Trade with $1200

Use your welcome bonus to open positions up to $1,800,000!

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Terms & Conditions apply

Triple up your deposit with 200% Bonus

Upon receiving the Bonus, your deposit will be multiplied by three, giving you the opportunity to open positions with 3x times the potential of your original funds.

3x welcome bonus area

You deposit: $500

You trade with: $1,500

How to receive the welcome bonus

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Open and verify a Classic or Pro trading account

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Apply for the 200% bonus (one click)

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Make a first deposit of at least $300

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Start trading with triple your deposit

Triple your Deposit
Terms & Conditions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Experience Team  

This offer is available to all Traders Trust customers who have a Classic or Pro account, regardless of whether they are new or existing clients.

If your bonus has expired, there’s no need to worry. You can claim it again and again, as many times as you want.

We do accept USDT as a method of funding your trading account. This means that you can easily and securely deposit USDT into your account and start trading right away.

It is important to ensure that you meet the requirements for the bonus. To find out more information about these requirements, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.