Meet Us in Brazil

ttcm in brazil


TTCM will be traveling to Brazil at the end of January and we would like to meet you!

As part of our ongoing efforts to educate and build stronger foundations with our clients, TTCM will be heading to Brazil during 27 January – 1 February 2020.

If you are in the Brazil region and would like to discuss your trading portfolio with us, we would love to hear from you.

Who will you be meeting?

TTCM’s Business Development Manager for LATAM region, Roberto Macedo, and TTCM’s Director, Nordine Mejd will be touring certain locations in Brazil, and you can schedule your one-to-one meeting with them directly!

We will delegate our time to as many of you as possible, but in order to so, please schedule your meeting with us as soon as possible.


Dates & Places

  27 & 28 January, Sao Paolo
  29 January, Bello Horizonte
  30 January, Brasilia
  31 January, Goiania Brasilia
  1 February, Campo Grande


Schedule Your Meeting:

Contact Roberto:

[email protected]
Roberto Macedo TTCM +357 99725053
+357 99725053
+357 99725053

Contact Nordine:

 [email protected]
+357 9972515

We look forward to meeting you!