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General trading T&C

TTCM has established several transaction rules to ensure the soundness of the trade, the transparency of ordering and execution, and the safety of funds. Although it is said that it is difficult to understand the terms and conditions of foreign exchange margin trading, even beginners have explained to make it easier to understand. Before the transaction, please confirm the contents, please enjoy a safe trade after understanding.


The biggest appeal of FX trading is that you can operate hundreds of times as much money as you can by using "leverage" on cash on hand (margin).

Spread & Commission

TTCM believes that an essential point in FX service is to provide an environment that concentrates on trading without putting a burden on wasteful costs on traders.

Margin call and Stop loss

TTCM is subject to margin call · loss cut when the loss on valuation of margin balance expands and the margin maintenance rate falls below a certain percentage in order to prevent the loss of principal loss.

Execution policy

TTCM set up a backbone server in the data center of Equinix's Tokyo, London, New York which is the largest in the financial infrastructure in the world.


To prevent conflicts of interest with customers, we realize highly transparent transaction with low latency.

Trading hours

The market is traded 24 hours a day in countries around the world, and trading is done in markets around the world even during the time when the Japanese market is closed, so it is basically possible to trade 24 hours.

Trade Responsibly:Your capital is at risk. Leveraged products may not be suitable for everyone. Please consider our Risk Disclosure.
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