What are redemption deadlines / terms?

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A – The CFD energy products that can be traded in Traders Trust are spot products, so there are no dates or exchange terms.

In the futures market, it is necessary to complete the difference settlement by trading back and forth by the date determined by the market. This date determined by the market (market) is called a contract, and it is not possible to hold a position beyond the specified date and time.

* About Futures Trading:

A derivative (derivative) is a transaction that guarantees transactions at a certain price for future trading, with respect to various securities, commodities, indexes, etc. of which prices and figures fluctuate.

Unlike the contract (forward delivery contract) in which the parties to trading buy and sell arbitrarily decide the due date and deliver on the spot, the market determines the due date (the last day of the transaction, the closing date) and settles the difference by reverse trading by the due date

* There is no exchange date / month setting for products that can be traded with Traders Trust.