What is the procedure for registering as a strategy provider?

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A – Please send detailed information regarding your experience and your trading strategy along with a LIVE history of at least 6 months to our support team for review.

Once approved we will enable a Strategy Provider tab within your secure area, you will fill this in with information regarding your strategy including the performance fee and maximum drawdown.

In the below screenshot you will see the Strategy Provider Tab has been enabled.

Information required in this section is as follows:

  • Strategy Name
  • Trading Account – This is your Live account number that you will use to trade in
  • Recommended investment period
  • Performance fee (%)
  • Maximum Drawdown
  • Minimum Investment Amount

Once you have completed this information Traders-Trust are automatically informed and will review the information.
Once your strategy details have been confirmed you (the strategy provider) will need to inform support which

clients/IB’s you would like to be able to invite to the strategy.

Once everything has been set up we will inform you.

When the registration and set up of the strategy provider is complete, the elected IB’s will be able to then invite clients to the strategy. To invite a client to a strategy, log into your Partners Area, select ‘My Strategies’. Select ‘Client invitation’ and invite the clients to the strategy you want to from the drop-down list.

Below is an example of the invitation email clients receive when invited to join a strategy. This email can only be sent to clients with a verified profile and a LIVE trading account.

The above is a description of the strategy provider registration and invitation process for customer support.