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Margin and Leverage

Please be informed that maximum MT4 account leverages will vary depending on Equity of account. Please see the below table for details:

The maximum available leverage is up to 500 depending on the equity of the account.

■ Up to 500: 100 USD – 5 000 USD
■ Up to 200: 5 001 USD – 50 000 USD
■ Up to 100: >50 001 USD

Please note that the maximum leverage may vary according to the instrument traded. Some instruments offered by TradersTrust may have fixed leverage/margin requirements regardless of the leverage set on the MT4 account.

If you wish to know the leverage of a specific instrument, simply open the contract specification table in the MT4 platform. If you see 100% in the margin percentage, it means that the leverage of this instrument is the same as the leverage set on your trading account. 1.0% means 1:100 leverage for that specific instrument, 2.0% means 1:50, 5.0% being 1:20. Etc. Further information regarding leverage, margin requirements etc. can be found in the products section of our website: https://traders-trust.com/trading-instruments/

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Trade Responsibly:Your capital is at risk. Leveraged products may not be suitable for everyone. Please consider our Risk Disclosures for Financial Instruments