I have received an invitation to join a strategy, how do I proceed?

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A – Once you have received your strategy invitation you must make sure you have opened and funded a live trading account. When this is done you can then click on the invitation link on the email you received, or simply log into your secure area and go to ‘Accounts’ – ‘Strategy Follower’ and complete the required information.

Once logged into your secure area under the accounts option you will see a new section ‘Strategy Follower’ appear.

Please be informed that if you have not yet opened and funded a LIVE MT4 account, you will be instructed to do so when trying to join the strategy.

  • Open an MT4 account
  • Make your Deposit
  • Make a funds transfer from your wallet to the MT4 account you want to connect to the strategy

Customers who are filling in the strategy follower option for the first time will need to complete the Risk Disclosure in order to proceed, you will be prompted to do this in your secure area.

Once you have opened the MT4 account, transferred funds to it and completed your risk profile you can then proceed to apply for the strategy.

In the Strategy Follower section chose the funded live account you wish to connect to the strategy.
The master account number (signal account) will be displayed in your profile.

Once you have completed the strategy follower profile Traders-Trust will connect your account to the selected strategy, please note this is not done automatically.