How can I make a deposit using a credit/debit card?

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A – To Deposit funds by Credit or Debit Card , please follow the procedure below

■ Process to deposit funds with a credit / debit card.
1. Please log in to client portal (secure area).
2. Please click “”> “Banking ” >Select the icon Deposit.
3. Click on “Fund Now” in the second image below (credit / debit card).

4. When screen is changed, confirm that the account of the wallet to be deposited is displayed, select the amount of the deposit and the currency of the deposit, and click on “Send”.

5. If there is no problem with the displayed content, simply click “Send”. If you want to change the amount or currency, you can return with the browser’s back button.

6. Click Send to switch to the payment screen, and complete the requested data and press Play

7. Once payment is complete, you will be redirected to the client portal (secure area).

8. If you have already registered credit card copies,they will be immediately reflected in your wallet account.

9. If you have not registered your credit / debit card, go to the menu screen in the upper right corner of the secure area screen, click on your name> Profile “> 5 Documents> 3. Credit / Debit Card , upload the copy of both sides of the card that you used in the deposit or that you are going to use (attached information) If you do not upload the document correctly, please send it to our customer support email [email protected] as an attachment and we will upload it to your profile, for the approval of the relevant department.