Strategy Builder

Spice up your trading, use pre-existing template strategies or DIY


Strategy Builder

We offer you the easiest, fastest and most user-friendly solution to automate and simplify your trading. Developed as a one-size-fit-all software solution, our Strategy Builder suits all the needs, wants and goals of both experienced and newbie traders.

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Suitable for techies and non-techies

Worried about coding? Traders-Trust and Tradeworks got your back. All you need is trade, using our code and fuss-free technology. You’ll be up and running in a snap.

Speed & logic

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your trading and add take it to a whole new level, you’re on the right page. Our cutting-edge Complex Events Processing technology powered by Tradeworks facilitates simultaneous monitoring of multiple market movements while ensuring execution speed and institutional grade trade logic.


Real-time deployment and editing of your strategies

You can edit, deploy and re-edit your trading strategies in real time and as often as you like to meet your trading goals.

Use pre-designed template strategies

Having trouble developing you own strategy? Use a pre-designed template strategy, tweak and/or optimise it to suit your needs and start rolling the trading ball. Our Strategy Editor brings success at your fingertips. One click is all it takes to trade!

Easy access from anywhere, anytime

Concerned about downloads? Worry not, because with our software all your strategies are securely hosted in the cloud and can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world. Trading could never be easier.

0 cost

Trade free on demo and live MT4 accounts as you please, at 0 cost to you. Plus, you can keep your current broker/bank account.


You’re the master of your trades! Our automated trading and strategy building tool runs on top of our MT4 trading account. Automate your trading by connecting your Traders-Trust account with your Tradeworks account.

Dedicated support

Can’t find your way around? Whatever your query, our friendly and support team will guide you through and make sure you make the most of trading.

Cutting-edge risk management

You’re the master of your trades! We give you control over your trading exposure, enabling you to minimise your risk, stop loss and manage your funds in a way that suits your needs.

Privacy and Cyber-hygiene

Worried about your privacy and data security? We got your back. Our 100% secure and cyber-hygienic cloud-based platform safely stores your data and strategies in your personal account.

Trade Responsibly:Your capital is at risk. Leveraged products may not be suitable for everyone. Please consider our Risk Disclosures for Financial Instruments