Why trade with Dynamic Leverage?

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What is Dynamic Leverage?
As the name implies, it’s leverage that changes, it doesn’t stay static and it allows traders to trade with significantly higher leverage.

Why trade with Dynamic Leverage?
– You can trade with maximum leverage no matter the trading capital.
– Margin is reduced as it is calculated based on trading volume.
– You benefit the most from opening multiple trades in strategic order.
– Automatically adjusts leverage and margin based on your open positions.

How does it work exactly?
Dynamic Leverage has got levels. The trading lots that fall under each level are traded with the corresponding leverage. This means that margin is calculated accordingly as well. So, for each level, leverage and margin requirements differ and the earnings or losses and margin requirements are not static but are made up of the sum of all levels.
Also, once you enter the markets, Dynamic Leverage automatically adjusts your leverage and margin to keep your position open without increasing your margin requirements.
One more thing to pay close attention to is that the total trading volume and the required margin have got an “inverse” relationship. This means that the higher the volume, the lower the required margin.
Lastly, the order in which positions are opened becomes crucial as the “initial” trading lots can be traded with higher leverage.

Trade Responsibly
High leverage in trading multiplies both possible gains and losses. Therefore, before trading with Dynamic Leverage, therefore traders should be aware of all risks and if confident in their trading knowledge proceed by applying the tool.

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