What you need to do before Server migration (for VPS and EA users)

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Dear Our Valued Clients,

As the server migration is approaching, we are about to turn the corner to a faster execution and more enjoyable trading environment!
For a smooth transition, we would like to inform you regarding several updates/settings that need to be done if you are using a virtual personal server (VPS) with our partner company (Beeks) or an expert advisor / script / custom indicator on your current platform.

  • VPS users

In case your account type you are using will be planned to be allocated to different server than LD4, you can choose server location matches with our trading server.
If you wish to change location to Tokyo, Please contact Beeks support with below information.

As they can’t move VPS among data centers, Beeks will create a new one in Tokyo (and delete the current one in London) and you will need to download the newly built VPS service.

Beeks Financial Cloud Group:
Support mail: [email protected]

Please provide below information when you contact them
– Registered email address with Beeks:
– VPS IP address (Currently used VPS IP address)
– Port address (Current Port address)

If you are using another VPS provider, please make sure to contact your VPS provider in order to change the location as you wish.

  • EA/Indicator users

In case you have Expert advisors/scripts/ custom indicators settings on your platform and your account type will be allocated to a different server, you have 2 options if you wish to keep using the same ones after the migration.

– Login to current terminal with new server URL :
With this method, you don’t need to change anything but just simply login with the new server URL address in the current terminal you are using.


Live Account Demo Account
Server Live: live.traders-trust.com:443 Server Demo: demo.traders-trust.com:443
Server Live 2: live2.traders-trust.com:443 Server Demo 2: demo2.traders-trust.com:443
Server Live 3: live3.traders-trust.com:443



Make a copy of your Expert advisors/scripts/ custom indicators on your Personal computer and install them back again to the newly downloaded terminal:
If you wish to download the new terminal, existing settings includes Expert advisors, scripts, own custom indicator, templates will be no longer available in the new terminal.
Before uninstall current terminal from your computer, please copy all necessary files from MetaQuoates terminal data folders and re-install them to newly downloaded terminal.

How to copy the files from your terminal:

STEP 1: Please login to current terminal
STEP 2: File > Open date folder > MQL4 (for EA and Indicators) or Templates



STEP 3: Please copy and paste all necessary folders to your computer.



STEP 4: After downloading and installing the new terminal to your computer, please put those files back in the same place as stored in the old terminal

Click here for the full information about this upgrade

Important reminder:
The secure area (except for account registration and profile update) will not be available to use during the weekend (2nd and 3rd of May) of the migration.
On Monday (4th of May), after all updates are added over the weekend, it will be back to normal.

Be sure to consult the FAQ section at the bottom of this page to find all relevant information to the server migration.

We are always here for any questions you may have and we look forward to having you enjoy your new trading environment.

Best Regards,

TTCM Traders Capital Limited