US markets fell, Japan and China go on holiday

US market fall

Yesterday, Monday’s trading session in the US closed lower with slight declines in the major US indices. Following Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments that the economic recovery is uneven, Treasury yields fell 1.6%. Ether rose to a new record high. In Europe, the main indices closed higher. The IBEX35 gained 0.89% and the CAC 40 rose 0.61%.

The Fed’s comments that the economic recovery is uneven follow a survey the central bank has conducted on the effects of the pandemic on the social economy. The results of the survey will be released at the end of the month, but for now, Powell said that some minorities and women experienced more difficulty in recovering from the pandemic than other groups.

Today’s trading session will be quieter than usual as the Hong Kong and Japanese stock exchanges will not be open for trading due to Labour Day celebrations in China and Greenery Day celebrations in Japan. In addition, today, Tuesday, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is scheduled to release its interest rate decision. The forecast is 0.10%, the same as previous month’s forecast and released figure. Perhaps the Aussie dollar should be on traders’ watch radars today.