New high for Dow Jones, metals on a rally, and oils plunge


Yesterday, Monday, after having seen -in recent months- record highs, the Dow Jones did it again and went above 35,000 points. The index opened the trading session higher at 34,786.6 and throughout the session reached 35,019.6 points, a new record high.

Metals, meanwhile, seemed to be on a streak of gains. Gold rose $6.36 to touch 1,837.60 a troy ounce. On the other hand, silver for July delivery hit $27.49 an ounce. Platinum peaked at 1,253.75 closing just a few pips lower at 1251.24. Palladium opened at 2,914 and peaked at 2,994.27, closing at $2,950.30.

Yesterday, Monday, after the cyber-attack on one of Colonial Pipeline’s pipelines, oil recovered some of its losses. But, after the increase in COVID19 cases in India (one of the main oil-exporting countries), the figures started going down, and Brent dropped by 0.7% reaching the figure of 65.65 dollars per barrel. As for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) after reaching a low of 60.66 yesterday -during Monday’s session – it closed at 61.91 a barrel.

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