Are Regulations Coming for Cryptocurrencies?

regulations for cryptos

Financial sector regulators are eyeing thriving cryptocurrencies and intend to strengthen their attempts to regulate digital assets.

Sheila Warren, head of data, blockchain, and digital assets with the World Economic Forum said during an online seminar that another round of strong attempts to regulate the space is to be expected. She also said that with increased activity in cryptocurrencies more pressure is going to come from regulators to actively get involved in controlling the sector. Warren also said that the borderless nature of cryptocurrencies and making sure that innovation is not held back add up to the challenges.

Digital tokens have been in the spotlight, especially after cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s debut on the Nasdaq that pushed Bitcoin to a new record high of almost $65,000. Bitcoin has been on an accelerating rally in the past year and as cryptocurrencies have been gaining in popularity among a widened audience, governments have been investigating the sector risks more closely. Crypto firms have been preparing to help form the emerging regulatory frame and confront skepticism about digital assets.

Cryptocurrencies’ zealous supporters see it as a contemporary store of value and effective inflation hedge while others are concerned that the cryptocurrency bubble is bound to burst. Nevertheless, Coinbase’s listing on the Nasdaq marks another step towards mainstream business acceptance for digital assets.

Cryptocurrencies and new digital asset regulations could be on the news soon. Stay up to date with the latest cryptocurrency sector updates and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple while receiving your cashback rebate in your account every day.