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How to Trade

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What is Swap in Forex trading?

When trading Forex or other CFD (Contract for Difference) financial instruments, swap also known as rollover refers to the interest paid or received for keeping a position overnight. Each Forex pair has its own swap charge, affected by market conditions
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What is Stop out?

In our previous articles, we looked in detail at margin and leverage. We saw that when trading forex or other CFD’s (Contracts for Difference) on margin we were required to have an amount of money (initial margin) available in our
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What is a Margin Call?

We now know that Margin is the amount of money or capital needed by an investor to open a trade. Essentially these funds are ‘locked’ in the trading platform when a trade is opened and are released when a trade
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What is Margin Level?

Whether you are a seasoned and experienced Investor or Trader, or perhaps you are completely new to CFD trading and are just starting out, a very important concept in trading and trade management is understanding and managing the Margin Level
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What does your Equity on MT4 mean?

After previously exploring the concept of balance in the MT4, we are now presenting another concept related to the financials of your account, the equity. In this educational article, we will present what equity is, what it is used for,
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What does your Balance on MT4 Mean?

When you decide to enter the trading arena, one of the first actions you take is to open a trading account with a trusted broker like Traders Trust. To start investing on the financial markets, you need access to a
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What is Margin?

Whether you call it entry-level, collateral, or margin, it refers to the same concept – the capital required to open a trade. The margin is locked when the trade is opened, and it’s released when the trade is closed. A
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Zooming in on the Concept of Leverage

Leverage is defined as the tool which allows a trader to control a position of a higher value with less capital. Investing in currency exchange by paying the full market price (also called a 1:1 leverage) requires a significant amount
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What is a lot in Forex?

When trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs), you can speculate on the changes in the market price of various assets, without physically owning the instruments. How much money are you investing in each trade? The answer is simple: each time you
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“Exotic” currency pairs in Forex

Exotic pairs are crosses between two currencies with the base currency representing a developed economy and the quote currency representing an emerging economy. Some examples include EUR/TRY (Euro vs Turkish Lira), USD/ZAR (US Dollar vs South African rand), USD/MXN (US