April 21, 2021 / Published in Company News
indices and gold fall
Yesterday, UK jobless claims unexpectedly dropped to 4.9% from 5% in January. The upbeat news encouraged sterling (GBP) to hold above the USD. Today, the Bank of England (BoE) Governor is scheduled to make a statement on the consumer price index. Traders will be watching the intervention from the BoE to see how it will
April 20, 2021 / Published in Company News
market at a glance cover image
On Monday, US indices closed lower in the trading session for both the SP&500 and the Nasdaq. The Nasdaq may have been driven lower by a fatal accident involving a driverless Tesla. The Asian session, on the other hand, had a better day. The Japanese yen climbed to its highest levels since March. In commodities
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why dynamic leverage cover image
What is Dynamic Leverage? As the name implies, it’s leverage that changes, it doesn’t stay static and it allows traders to trade with significantly higher leverage. Why trade with Dynamic Leverage? – You can trade with maximum leverage no matter the trading capital. – Margin is reduced as it is calculated based on trading volume.
April 19, 2021 / Published in Company News
bitcoin price update
Bitcoin Slides Bitcoin fell by as much as 15% on Sunday while other cryptocurrencies such as Ether and XRP also plunged. On Wednesday, Bitcoin reached a higher-than-$64,000 new record high amidst crypto-related enthusiasm sparked by Coinbase’s debut on the stock market and its listing on Nasdaq. On Monday, Bitcoin trades around $57,000 and prices seem
April 16, 2021 / Published in Company News
sp 500 ATH
U.S. stocks reached new record highs due to a fast-pacing recovery in the national economy as revealed by retail sales and weekly jobless claims data. The S&P 500 was pushed to an all-time high by the real estate, health care and technology sectors while the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq 100 also jumped
April 15, 2021 / Published in Company News
regulations for cryptos
Financial sector regulators are eyeing thriving cryptocurrencies and intend to strengthen their attempts to regulate the digital assets. Sheila Warren, head of data, blockchain and digital assets with the World Economic Forum said during an online seminar that another round of strong attempts to regulate the space is to be expected. She also said that
April 15, 2021 / Published in Company News
trading cfds
Traders can trade CFDs on several asset classes and some of them include cryptocurrencies and commodities. Trading each asset class requires knowing your asset and how to trade it. Cryptocurrencies What are cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies secured by encryption techniques which makes them less prone to counterfeiting. Most cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks built on
April 14, 2021 / Published in Company News
bitcoin ath
Bitcoin surged on Wednesday surpassing $64,000 for the first time and breaking its March record. The jump in Bitcoin price marks traders’ bullish outlook on cryptocurrencies due to Coinbase’s listing on Nasdaq on Wednesday, April 14. The digital token is trading at $64,542 at the time of writing. Crypto bulls have been pushing the price
April 13, 2021 / Published in Company News
cfds on majors
After an introduction to CFD trading, getting to know what CFD trading on the main forex pairs and indices is, follows. But first, what is a forex pair, how does it work and what is an index? What is a forex pair? Forex is nothing more than the exchange of foreign currencies (hence the name:
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digital yen
Following other Asian countries, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) started trials for its own central bank digital currency (CBDC). The trials serve as part of the first phase of its Proof of Concept (Poc) which will last for a year and end in March 2022. It’s still unclear whether the central bank wishes to proceed