April 30, 2021 / Published in Company News
top 10 world economies
The coronavirus pandemic has led many economies into their worst economic recessions in recent history reshuffling the world’s biggest economies ranking. Here are the lists with the 10 biggest economies before and after the pandemic (as they appear in the IMF’s World Economic Outlook database and analysed by CNBC by comparing the nominal GDP in
April 29, 2021 / Published in Company News
interest rate cover image
The Federal Reserve kept its interest rate close to zero, its bond-buying programme the same and plans to continue supporting the economy despite the economic and employment growth. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has acknowledged that the economic recovery is more fast paced than expected but as he said it “remains uneven and far from complete.”
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palladium cover image
Palladium is one of the rarest precious metals and is mostly used for industrial and electronic purposes. The greatest industrial use for the shiny metal is in catalytic converters for automobiles as it absorbs hazardous fuel emissions. The metal is harder and more durable than platinum. Palladium is also heavily used in modern industry. It
April 28, 2021 / Published in Company News
movements in metals
Yesterday, palladium, the precious metal which Traders Trust recently added to its list of products, reached an all-time high of $2,930.78 and closed at $2,922.94 at the end of the trading session. It is up 18% so far this year. Analysts attribute this rise in the precious metal to tighter production. The reality is that,
April 27, 2021 / Published in Company News
global data
While in India and Brazil the coronavirus situation is getting worse daily, Asia seems to continue on the same downward trend. At the time of writing, the NIKKEI 225 was in the red with a 0.25% drop. Today the Bank of Japan is scheduled to release its interest rate forecast and will present the results
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palladium cover image
Platinum, one of the top three most valuable precious metals, is traded around the clock in global commodities markets. During periods of political stability, platinum can be priced higher than gold because the annual quantity of mined platinum is significantly lower than that of gold and the cost of mining per ounce double. Platinum is
April 26, 2021 / Published in Company News
US dollar future
In recent weeks, the valuation of the US dollar has been affected by the global circumstances of the pandemic. On the one hand, what most economic analysts expected was to see a weak and sluggish dollar at the beginning of the year. But against all odds, the currency has remained strong and expectations high. Meanwhile,
April 23, 2021 / Published in Company News
higher taxes proposal
U.S. President Joe Biden is planning to increase the capital-gains tax rate for individuals earning more than $1 million a year to 39.6%, almost doubling it. He is a supporter of equalizing capital gains and income tax rates for the wealthy as he considers the fact that some rich individuals pay lower rates than middle-class
April 22, 2021 / Published in Company News
major indices high
Yesterday, Wednesday, most indices closed in positive territory. In both Europe and the US, the numbers improved slightly. The DAX30, IBEX35, and CAC40 along with the SP500 closed higher, breaking the bearish trend of the last few days. The positive curve also on the Asian continent NIKKEI, at the time of writing, was up 2.05%.
April 22, 2021 / Published in Company News
what is pip cover image
Trading is an activity that requires effort, hard work, and – most importantly – knowledge. The purpose of Traders Trust’s educational articles is to provide traders with as much material as possible to increase their knowledge base so that they can get the most out of their trading. Today we are going to study a